• Automatic dog food feeders



    Automatic dog food feeders



    dog bowls and feeders-Programmable dog  feeders

    Programmable Pet Food Feeder delivers portion-controlled meals to dogs or cats automatically. This innovative feeder is specifically made for busy pet parents. No more scooping or measuring.

  • Automatic dog waterer



    Automatic dog waterer



    dog bowls and feeders-Fresh Flow  SlowFeed Dog   Bowls Water Fountain

    Fresh water is a purifying pet fountain providing cool, filtered water throughout the day for your pet. Perfect for multiple dog or cat households, this fountain features continuous circulating water and a unique, patented no-splash waterslide. The re-circulating flow and filter provide naturally cool and oxygenated water, encouraging pets to drink more to help promote their health and well-being.

  • Best dog bowls


    Best dog bowls



    dog bowls and feeders-Anti-Skid Stainless Steel Bow

    The unique non-skid rubber base design protects floors and also won’t slide across the floor, so the bowl and your pet stay in place.

    Bowl holds up to 54 ounces; perfect for dry kibble, wet food, treats, or water

    Stop your pet from scooting the food bowl around the entire kitchen with Petmate’s Double Grip Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowl. Made with durable stainless steel is stain and rust-resistant with a non-skid ring that covers the bottom of the bowl to ensure a secure grip to prevent tipping and spills and to prevent the bowl from sliding all over the floor.

    These stainless-steel bowls will never crack and do not absorb food particles as plastic does. To help make feeding time easier, the bowl has two handles on each side to make picking up and setting down the bowl seamless and easy. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    Easy Grip Stainless Steel Pet Bows for small dogs


  • Collapsible bowl for Dogs

    Collapsible bowl for Dogs

    This collapsible dog bowl is perfect for feeding or hydrating your dog on the go,

    the compact and lightweight Camp Bowl easily fits in pockets for convenient storage.

    Created with a waterproof liner, rugged waxed canvas, and functional accessory loop to easily clip on to packs.

  • Collapsible dog bowl

    foldable dog bowl

    foldable, expandable,Collapsible

    Collapsible, portable bowl offers a convenient way to feed and hydrate pups while traveling, on walks, or at the park.

    100% pet-safe bowl is made with non-porous food-grade silicone and a sturdy BPA-free plastic rim.

    Includes a convenient carabiner to attach the bowl to leashes, backpacks, and more.

  • Copper dog bowl

    Copper dog bowl

    Handcrafted in India using the highest quality copper available, our copper bowls were inspired by mineral-rich mountains and the adventures they hold.


    • 100% Copper
    • For use with water only
    • Bottom bumpers to prevent slipping


  • Custom dog bowls

    Custom dog bowls

    What Are The Safest Dog Bowls Available?



    Custom dog bowls

  • Dog bowls and feeders

    Fresh Flow Pet Water Fountain

    dog bowls and feeders Choose from two sizes: large (108 oz.) or jumbo (216 oz.).

    For maximum freshness, change the charcoal filter every 30 days to ensure your pet’s water is as fresh and clean as possible.

  • Dog waterer Jar gravity

    Dog waterer

    Petmate’s® Mason Jar Gravity Pet Waterer holds up to 1 gallon of water and features designs inspired directly from classic mason jars. This self-dispensing waterer for pets comes equipped with a replaceable charcoal filter to remove impurities from your pet’s drinking water and provided fresh, clean water. Designed with durability in mind, this gravity waterer keeps your dog or cat hydrated throughout the day. Whether at work, traveling, or otherwise preoccupied, you can rest easy knowing your pet has constant access to filtered water. To fill, simply release the bottle from the quick-lock base and fill the bottle with water. Once the bottle is full, turn it upside down and secure it by twisting it into the base. Made out of BPA-free plastic with the safety of your pet in mind. Made in the USA.

  • Elevated storage dog feeder

    Elevated Storage Dog Feeder

    Gamma Seal Technology keeps food fresh longer.

    with a threaded locking system and reliable double gaskets that

    create a Controlled Moisture Balance inside the storage compartment.

    Good moisture is locked in while harmful moisture

    is locked out keeping food fresh.

    Includes two removable stainless steel bowls.


  • Petmate fresh flow rain fountain

    Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain

    The water reservoir and pump are self-balancing allowing gravity to constantly flow water, allowing the pump to run half of the time. No more cords, outlets, or limitations on where to place your pet’s water fountain. Modern design fits well with any home decor. Keep your pet hydrated and happy with the easy-to-clean Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain. Requires four D-Cell batteries (batteries not included).

  • Portable dog water bottle

    Portable dog water bottle

    Material – FDA approved, lead-free, BPA-free, PET+ ABS , safe and durable, easy dismantling and cleaning.

    Double Leak-proof Design: The portable dog water bottle comes with silicone rubber sealing rings and waterproof keys, the perfect solution for leaking water.


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