• Best crate for puppy

    Best crate for puppy

    2 Door Wire Puppy Crate is the perfect tool for house training your new furry friend or simply providing some refuge within your busy home. Designed with your pet’s safety in mind,


    the Petmate Puppy Crate has a patented 5-Point Locking System that eliminates gaps in the top, sides, and middle of the door increasing the strength and safety of the overall door system.


    Features a looped wire panel attachment system to provide 25 percent stronger construction and a rust-resistant electro-coat finish that increases the life of the crate. Includes a durable, replaceable polypropylene pan for easy cleaning and a divider panel to adjust the size of the crate as your puppy grows.

  • Best dog training leash

    Best dog training leash

    Made of nylon fabric with high-density webbing to add durability.

    It will work nicely for nose work trials

  • Dachramp

    Dach Dog ramp

    Vet Recommended, Dachshund Approved

    protect your Dachshund’s back and prevent jumping injuries with the Dachramp. The ramp’s adjustable height and non-slip grip are perfect for helping your four-legged buddy move safely up and down from the couch and the bed. Our DachRamp™ is designed for puppies, senior pets, or any dog (up to 80 pounds) that needs a boost.

    • Adjustable height
    • Non-slip grip
    • Packs flat for easy storage
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Arrives fully assembled


  • Dog ball launcher

    Auto dog ball launcher

    Hours of fun: furgrip™ autoball is an automatic fetching machine that can be used by pet and owner or just the pet. The launcher features make independent play easy and fun, all you have to do is plug it in, choose your launching distance and then drop in a 2.5” max ball.

    Adjustable launch distance: the autoball can launch the ball 10, 20 or 30 feet, which can easily be changed with the push of a button.


    Dog ball launcher

  • Dog crate training

    Dog crate training

    Make crate time feels like a reward. A cute, handy milk-flavored dog crate training tool made of non-toxic,

    BPA-free, food-grade natural rubber, so your puppies can enjoy safely.


    Dog crate training

  • Dog doorbell

    Dog doorbell

    Backed by self-powered technology. Easy for dogs to learn

    and let you know whenever they want to go outside.


    Dog doorbell

  • Dog exercise pen

    Dog exercise pen

    Available in a variety of heights for dogs of all sizes.

    Our Exercise Pens can be configured in ways that best fit you and your pet’s needs.

    Whether you’re trying to keep your pet out of an area inside your home,

    exercise pens can be set up to accommodate all needs.

    Block off a room by setting up the pen as a fence or give your pet more play space by attaching the exercise pen to your wire crate.

    Give your pet their own space outside by setting up your exercise pen as a square, rectangle, or octagon.

  • Dog life jacket durable D-ring hook

    Dog life jacket near me

    This Dog Life Jacket is inspired by the fins that come out of the water as sharks swim.

    Our safety flotation foam in the water is strong enough to support your dog in the water.

    The rubber handle for emergency lifting keeps the dog safe in any emergency.

    Perfect for water sports-loving dogs and owners to enjoy a happy and safe summer day.

  • Dog Potty Training

    Dog Potty Training 

    Did you just find another puddle in your house? Or did you walk into the living room and discover a pile of poop? Do you feel like you are spending all your time taking the dog outside or cleaning up messes in the house?

    You are not alone, but you do not need to be in this situation. Your puppy or adult dog can be fully potty trained and you can be free of cleaning up “accidents” all the time.

  • Dog training kit highest quality material

    Dog training kit

    LEAD WITH PURPOSE with the Viper Biothane Dog Leash.

    This robust webbed dog lead is specially coated to emerge

    from even the swampiest environments, dry and smell-free,

    without loss of flexibility. !!! NOT A CHEW PROOF MATERIAL, NOT TO BE USED FOR TIE OUT !!!

  • Female Dog Diapers For Heat Cycle

    Female dog diapers for heat cycle

    ValueFresh Disposable Diapers for Female Dogs, X-Small, 144 Count – Full Coverage w/Tail Hole, Snag-Free Fasteners, Leak Protection, Wetness Indicator


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