• Antler dog chews

    Antler dog chews

    Whole  Antlers  dog chews are Best for Large Dogs

    Naturally-Shed Elk Antlers

    Elk Antlers Last for Hours



    Antler dog chews

  • Apple smacks

    Apple smacks

    Made with wholesome ingredients and the best CBD around, our latest line of treats is the perfect snack to share with your pooch. Dogs love our Apple Smacks for the way they taste, and you’ll love them for the way they keep your favorite furry friend feeling fine!


    Apple smacks

  • Best bully sticks

    Best bully sticks

    Keep your dog happy and healthy with our 100% natural, protein-packed grass-fed bully sticks. They’re long-lasting, odorless, and made from free-range Brazilian beef. Plus, they’re low in fat, contain no chemicals or preservatives, and are tough enough for the most aggressive chewers.

  • Best dental chews for dogs

    Best dental chews for dogs


    Organic Mineral-Rich Sea Kelp Daily Supplement for Dogs

  • Best dog calming treats

    Best dog calming treats

    Okoa Pet’s “Hush, Puppy” All-Natural, CBD-Infused Calming Dog Treats is an all-natural supplement combining organic broad-spectrum hemp with naturally occurring CBD and other active, calming ingredients – tryptophan, chamomile extract, and two types of choline.  Together, these ingredients work in synergy to help calm your anxious dog. With 5mg of CBD in every chew and 150mg per bag, these great-tasting peanut butter-flavored treats are specially formulated by a distinguished holistic veterinarian to promote a calm demeanor and support relaxation.  An all-natural solution to help your pet cope with external sources of stress, including thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, separation, and any other changes in daily routine.


  • Best Raw Freeze Dried Dog Treats

    Raw freeze dried dog treats

    Full of protein and omega-3s, salmon is a true superfood for your pup. That’s why we created Joey’s Favorite — 100% premium, freeze-dried raw salmon treats. Each bite provides the nutritional support for healthy skin, easy-moving joints, and active playtime. Plus, they’ve got rich, savory flavor dogs go bonkers for!

  • Best small dog treats

    Best small dog treats

    DOG treats-Tummy Ticklin’ Digestive Cookies

    They’re also crafted in small batches in USDA kitchens for chef-level quality and amazing taste.

    Featuring the very best organic, only real ingredients, your pup’s happy belly will be begging for more

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    28 counts per bag.

  • Best Yak chews



     Yak chews for your dog


    Our tough yak milk sticks are sure to keep your pup occupied for hours – no more coming up with other things to entertain them! And because they’re made from all- natural ingredients, you can feel good about giving one of these big boys to your furry friend.


  • Best Yak chews for dogs

    Yak chews for dogs


    Free Standard Shipping!

    My dog’s teeth look so much better and a total difference in their breath!

    Looking for smaller yak chews for dogs that will keep your pup occupied and happy? Look no further than our small-sized Gold Yak Chew! These 100% natural milk sticks are free from chemicals, preservatives, and additives and are the perfect size for small to medium dogs. You can feel good about giving one of these long-lasting chew sticks to your dog because they’re easily digestible and made from just 3 ingredients – yak milk, salt, and lime juice!



  • Bone meal for dogs

    Bone meal for dogs

    What dog doesn’t love a good chew? The trouble is, that most products on the market are made of chemicals and additives. That’s why you need to get your hands on this bully-stuffed shin meal for dogs from EcoKind! Our 100% natural beef bone for dogs has no chemical additives or fillers. Plus, all our beef products come from only free-range, grass-fed cattle! Slow-roasted so every bone retains all the delicious meaty flavors – your pup will be jumping up and down with joy when they sink their teeth into this one!



  • Bully sticks ingredients

    Bully sticks ingredients

    keep your pup occupied for hours but healthy too! With only one ingredient (beef)  no additives, or preservatives, these chews are sure to be a hit with your pooch.

    The Best! Very business conscious and orientated toward the customer’s satisfaction.

    Free Standard Shipping!


  • Calming chews for dogs

    Calming chews for dogs

    We know life can be full of stressors and our pets can experience and show signs of anxiety in a variety of ways like fear, depression, over grooming, or chewing furniture. Relax & Roll soft chews are here to provide peaceful moments for you and your dog.


Dog treats & chews

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