Best joint supplement for dogs


best joint supplement for dogs

Comfort Gold – for Occasional Physical Discomfort in Dogs


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Best joint supplement for dog

When our canines are in discomfort, it’s not always easy to tell because, unlike humans, they cannot tell us and may even try their best to disguise it. It is up to us to be able to notice when our pets are in pain, and we need to look for subtle changes in their behavior. Appearance: Your dog may be unable to groom himself or herself regularly and may become unkempt and untidy.

Behavioral changes: Your dog may become less active, reluctant to move, trembling, or circling. He or she may become protective of a certain body part, not want to be held, or touched or he/she may hide.

Physical abnormalities: Your dog may limp, be unable to put weight on a limb, appear hunched, or want to lay on his/her side more often.

What is Comfort Gold?

Comfort Gold is a proprietary combination of five herbs at work in unison to sootheth your canine in times when discomfort is evident. A cause of discomfort can be associated with normal, daily activity.

What is Comfort Gold Used For?

It is difficult to watch, knowing your dog is in obvious discomfort. His or her mobility may be altered and enjoyment of daily activities can be challenged. When your canine is experiencing this, it is nice to know there is a natural supplement that can help.

Comfort Gold increases a sense of well-being and gentle relaxation, without being sedating. It also supports normal blood flow into all areas of the body.  When this happens, nutrients are circulated more widely and cellular waste is carried out for excretion. Comfort Gold supports this normal function of efficient circulation. Your pet may also experience an easy, restful sleep.


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