Best raw frozen dog food

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Best raw frozen dog food

This complete beef blend is high in protein and naturally contains essential nutrients your dog or cat needs to improve joint health, and organ function, and maintain an overall healthy immune system. Since 4 ounces per day feeds 10 lbs of pet, depending on your pet’s weight, just cut the tube in quarters, in half or serve whole to make feeding easy!

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The Best raw frozen dog food

Always fresh – Kept frozen from the farm to your doorstep! Our signature blend of complete beef is the best raw frozen dog food sourced from free-range cows, raised on a family farm in the great state of Indiana! With a ratio of 80% meat, 10% organ, and 10% bone, your dog or cat will receive a well-rounded, complete meal. Available in a 1-pound tube, ideal for handling, storage, and serving.


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