Dental health for dogs


Dental health for dogs

  • Freshens breath 
  • Helps manage odor-causing bad bacteria 
  • Ridges and abrasion help reduce plaque and tartar build-up 
  • Supports gum and dental health 
  • May help reduce periodontal issues
  • Made with natural ingredients and no chemical preservatives
  • Made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility
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About Dental health for dogs

 Dental Health for dogs is hard dental sticks made with natural ingredients like green tea extract, peppermint oil, and enzymes, and no chemicals or fake preservatives. They’re vet-recommended to keep your dog’s breath fresh and gums and teeth healthy and plaque-free! 

These dog dental sticks are hard but have slight flexibility to them and a minty fresh taste that dogs love. Their hard texture and grooves and ridges help scrape teeth clean. The mechanical abrasion from chewing these sticks will help reduce plaque and tartar buildup and keep your dog’s mouth and gums healthy and their breath smelling minty fresh. 

PetHonesty’s Dental Sticks are a natural and effective alternative to the cheap, China-made sticks you’ll find that are filled with synthetic ingredients with little nutritional value. Oral Hygiene Fresh Sticks are made in the USA with natural ingredients like enzymes, green tea extract, parsley, and turmeric that work to reduce odor-causing bacteria in your dog’s mouth and help support healthy gums and teeth.  

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