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Better Life Bites —  dog digestive health supplements Beef Wellness Treats are a delicious dog treat and health formula rolled into one. They’re made with whole-food ingredients like premium beef, vegetables, and fruit, along with digestion-supporting enzymes and probiotics. Together, these ingredients support your dog’s balanced gut, smooth digestion, solid poops, and youthful vitality. Your dog is bound to love these delicious, savory meatball treats. Plus, they fit perfectly into their freeze-dried raw diet.

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Why do dogs need dog digestive health supplements?

In my experience, ALL dogs need extra digestive support — especially because an unbalanced gut is such a common issue, and often overlooked.

Of course, this can cause your dog to experience messy poops and an upset stomach… But an unhappy digestive system can also cause your dog to do some odd things, like eating grass or even eating their poop.

And it can put a serious damper on your dogs, making it hard for them to enjoy the things they love — like being active and playful. Over time, these digestive issues can lead to more serious health concerns.

That’s why a happy, healthy gut is key to your dog’s good mood, bouncy energy, and healthy lifespan… and why I recommend a  like Better Life Bites — Digestive Health.

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