Dog grooming supplies


Dog Grooming Supplies

Grooming your dog isn’t just cosmetic, it’s also good for their health!

A clean, sleek coat keeps your pup happy, comfortable, and smelling civilized.

de-shedding brushes, combs, brushes, and nail care products from top-rated pet brands.

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Best Dog Grooming Supplies

Not protecting eyes and ears!

The first and most important thing during bath time is protecting your pet’s eyes and ears from the water, especially the soap!

Even if your pet enjoys playing in the water, unwanted water can ruin bath time. Water in these unwanted places can be uncomfortable, but sometimes the moisture can cause some nasty ear infections.

The easiest way to fix this mistake is to use a washcloth when washing your dog or cat’s face.

Some people even go to the length of putting cotton balls in their ears to prevent the water from going in.

This is more helpful for those animals that have a more exposed ear canal than dogs that have large floppy ears.

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