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Better Life Bites —dog heart health supplements are a delicious dog treat and health formula rolled into one designed with turkey, heart-healthy taurine, L-carnitine, and omega-3s. Each treat helps support your dog’s hard-working heart, healthy blood flow, lean muscles, and vitality. Plus, your dog will love the delicious flavor and texture.

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Why do dogs need heart support?

In my experience, all dogs need dog heart health supplements, especially breeds prone to heart problems, and dogs who seem to need energy support.

Heart issues can zap your dog’s energy, which can make it hard for them to go on walks, chase their favorite tennis ball, or rush to greet you at the door. Over time, these issues can lead to more serious health concerns.

That’s why a healthy, supported heart is key to your dog’s spunky energy and healthy lifespan… and why I recommend a heart-support supplement like Better Life Bites — Heart Health.

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