Dog night anxiety calming care


Dog night anxiety

Calming Care – for Dog Anxious Behavior

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What is Calming Care?

Calming Care is a natural herbal supplement designed to gently assist dogs with consistently calm and balanced moods. The herbal ingredients in this formula are meant to be administered daily, with a long-term outlook. They are nonsedating and will not cause your dog to feel sleepy or drowsy. Calming Care helps your canine feel at ease in different situations or with life in general.

Calming Care contains eight herbal ingredients that holistically work together on a canine’s nervous system, stress hormones, and brain neurotransmitters. Herbalists and naturopaths define medicinal herbs in broad classifications. The herbs in Calming Care are defined as nerve restoratives, nerve tonics, and adaptogens.

Nerve restoratives help to rejuvenate nerve cell integrity when there has been some degeneration due to stress, lack of nutrients needed by the nervous system, or other causes. Nerve tonics restore the nerve fibers and the sheaths that protect the nerves. These herbs help to resolve feelings of stress, including anxiety.

Adaptogens are a class of herbs that assist the body’s stress response and immunity.

Help your dog enjoy life – and enjoy life with your dog!

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1 Review For This Product

  1. Avatar of Dog Premium Care

    by Dog Premium Care

    Another great product
    Review by Karen H. on 31 Dec 2020review stating Another great productAnxiety/Calm works wonders for anxiety and we also use the Thunder Shirt which our vet says works wonders for anxiety.
    Dublin, VA
    Pet Ailment:
    She was dealing with anxiety, confusion and started hiding which she has never done.
    Pet Details (Example: Age/Breed/Other Relevant Details):
    13 year old female Pekepoo.
    How long did it take to see results?:
    A couple of hours.

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