Dog paw problems


Dog paw problems

We designed our Healing dog paw Balm with 14 high-quality ingredients — all with research backing their abilities.  Using hemp oil and avocado seed oil as our carrier oils, this proved to be the best performing in test after test. It can be worked into the paws, between the toes and rubbed into those hard-to-reach places for dogs that have the many folds as Bulldogs do.

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What Is Heal? Wag. Protect, Balm?

Just like us, our pets can get dry, flaky, rough, and cracked skin. Yet, while we have grocery store aisles dedicated to repairing our skin, there is barely anything available to our pets. Well, it’s time we end that so we created our Hemp-derived Heal. wag. Protect Balm for dog’s paws and joints.

How do dogs naturally release toxins?

Some people might not know this but dogs do not sweat the way we do. They need to pant to release the heat from their bodies and will “sweat” with their tongue. Also, they release oils through their paw pads and foot pads similar to what we would consider sweating. This is why a dog will wipe his paws on the grass after he does his duty. This is their way of leaving their scent where they marked their spot.


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