Dog respiratory distress respir


Dog respiratory distress


Respir-Gold – for Easy Breathing in Dogs

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Dog respiratory distress

What is Respir-Gold?

Respir-Gold is a liquid, herbal supplement for canines of all ages. This product contains five unique ingredients, extracted at different strengths, for maximum benefit. Respir-Gold was designed for daily, long-term use to help maintain strong, open airways in dogs.

What is Respir-Gold used for?

Respir-Gold was formulated for supporting the health of the airways, resulting in comfortable, easy breathing. Some dogs have more sensitive lungs. When they inhale the particles in their environments, the airways may have responses that affect breathing. By mediating a normal immune response, the airways are supported to be normally dilated (open) with normal amounts of mucus secretion.

The formula can be used consistently to elicit normal breathing. In other words: a full in-breath and a full out-breath. Please see the notes from our veterinarian in the Cautions section to ensure you have ruled out infections like pneumonia or bronchitis, and the absence of lungworm. Our veterinarian also urges prompt veterinary care for respiratory distress. Respir-Gold is a gentle, natural formula that can help maintain normal breathing with continued and consistent use. It will not replace urgent medical attention. It is also not for infections. Lung infections require prompt veterinary care.

The benefit of this formula is the efficient flow of air into and out of the lungs, by helping to maintain normal tissues in the bronchi (airways).

This is what may currently be occurring in the lungs of your dog:

  • Inhaled particles cause an immune response
  • The airways constrict and a protective layer of mucus forms
  • The passage of air into and out of the airways becomes more limited

Respir-Gold contains the active ingredients necessary for a normal immune response in the lungs. How your dog responds to Respir-Gold will be individual. Allow two to four weeks, minimum, for the full effects of the formula to take effect. If your pet has been prescribed medication for asthma, continue to use the medication, as recommended. Eventually, with the help of your veterinarian, it may be possible to decrease the amount or even discontinue use.

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