Freeze dried chicken breast dog treats


Freeze dried chicken breast dog treats

Freeze Dried Chicken breast

When we decided on creating these freeze-dried dog treats, we needed to figure out what dogs craved the most but at the same time would deliver the true health benefits needed through a freeze-dried treat. Chicken Breast is very protein dense and very easy to digest so it can be safely put through the freeze-dried process and still keep its nutritious value. It also has a taste that most dogs love!

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What Are Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Treats?

As the pet health industry has evolved with treats for dogs, what if we can make tasty treats that are just as good for their health but also tastes great? The raw food diet for dogs has gotten popular in the last few years and being that we are a supplement brand for pets, we needed to look into this further. We had to research this theory as many dogs were starting to enjoy some real health benefits by switching to this style of nutrition.

As a Pet Health brand for 16 years, we needed to make sure that it was something that could help all dogs and not just a few. Strong evidence does support the theory as the average life of a dog has declined significantly since the invention of kibble dog food which also coincides with the increased occurrence of cancer in our beloved pets.

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