Glow dog collars


Glow Dog Collar

 Tossed Stars Dark Blue  Adjustable Dog Collars illuminate the night sky as you enjoy an evening stroll with your dog. These self-sustaining glow-in-the-dark dog collars charge with any light source; simply leave the collar under any bright light source for up to 15 minutes for a full charge glow. Designed with your pet in mind, Petmate Max Glow Collars are made with easy-to-clean, soft rubber material and adjust to fit around your dog’s neck perfectly. Complete the look with a matching leash.

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Best Glow Dog Collar

To pick the correct size collar for your dog, you’ll first need to measure the diameter of your dog’s neck. To do this, grab your flexible tape measure and sit in front of your dog so that you two are face-to-face. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your dog’s neck. It should be snug enough so that you can only fit two fingers in between your dog and the tape measure. Take the measurement, then treat your dog for being so patient while you got his or her measurement.

Now that you’ve figured out the diameter of your dog’s neck, you’re ready to order the right size collar. collars are sized so that the length of the collar can adjust as your dog gains or loses weight. For example, size medium can measure anywhere between 14 inches long to 20 inches long. If your dog’s neck measure 16 inches in diameter, we recommend you purchase a medium collar.

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