Hemp chews for dogs


Hemp chews for dogs

CBD has the opportunity to be a life changing product for many dogs. This botanical hemp extract targets the endocannabinoid system, this system ties your body together and can help maintain health by targeting the systems responsible for managing pain, inflammation, anxiety, appetite, digestion, and mood. Effects vary from pet to pet, but our customers have reported thousands of exciting success stories with their dogs.

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What Are Soft Hemp chews for dogs?

CBD Chews for dogs are the soft, chewy treat alternative to our CBD Dog Treats. If your dog is older and needs to consume softer foods this may be the perfect answer. CBD may help your furry friend in a variety of ways, and unlike his usual medication, they come in flavors he’ll love. They’re safe and healthy enough to use as a daily treat, and he’ll enjoy the taste so much it will feel like a special reward.

The size of these CBD dog treats is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs. The chews are designed to be soft and gentle on their teeth and the CBD inside can help improve their health while still being appetizing—who would have thought that was possible?



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