natural care dog shampoo


Natural care dog shampoo

Tea Tree & Aloe All Natural Dog Shampoo

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How Tea Tree Oil Can Enhance Shampoo For DogsSoothe your dog’s coat with a deep and therapeutic cleaning like never before! Finally, a natural shampoo that features a blend of tea tree oil, aloe vera, and vitamin B6 that detangles matted fur, repairs damaged coats, unclogs oily pores, soothes irritations, relieves itching, and moisturizes the skin When your dog needs help with itching, scratching, hot spots, hair loss, or irritated & dry skin;

Our Tea Tree & Aloe Vera shampoo is here to clean, soothe, and nourish their skin and coat. Perfect for the random clipper burn or tangles in their fur, our Tree Tree Oil natural shampoo is formulated with a delightful range of pH-balanced ingredients Whether You Need A Dog Shampoo For dry skin Or a Safe Natural Puppy Shampoo, Our Aloe & Tea Tree Shampoo is here to assist your dog with skin problems When it comes to providing care for your dog, we approach our products as if we are taking care of our pets.

For this reason, is why you won’t find a harmful ingredient insight. We don’t compromise on quality, care, or integrity just because we make products for a pet. A shampoo made for your pet could also be used on yourself if you chose to do so as all ingredients are natural and safe.


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