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PurBreath No Brush. Pet Oral Care Gel

Preventing Halitosis in Pets The simplest method to avoid bad dog breath is to brush your canine’s teeth regularly. Teeth brushing reduces plaque and promotes much better oral health, much as it does in humans, and with a little training, most pet dogs find out to enjoy having their teeth brushed.

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Oral health is a common problem among dogs and cats alike, but taking your pet in for a formal cleaning can be a bit pricey (and by “a bit pricey,” we mean very expensive). Not only can dental cleaning for pets cost as much as $1,000, but it can also be physically stressful on your dog or cat as they are usually put under anesthesia. If your dog does develop the dental disease the costs can add up to a small fortune. For pets who are older or who have special medical conditions, this simply isn’t an option. Reports of death during teeth cleaning are not uncommon. This can be a very scary dilemma for pet owners; most people prefer to avoid veterinarian trips.

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