Slow feeder dog bowls


Slow feeder dog bowls

Eating too fast will cause health problems like obesity, choking, bloating and vomiting, which could be life-threatening for dogs. Our Slow Feeder Dog Bowls can effectively slow down your dog’s eating to keep them healthy.

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These large heavy-duty slow feeder dog bowls can effectively help your dogs eat slowly to avoid problems like choking, vomiting, throwing up, gulping, indigestion, and obesity.

The bowls are BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalate free.

It’s very easy to be cleaned by hand or dishwasher.

Slow Down Eating
The specially designed bending road with proper space in the bowl slows down eating for your dogs.
And it won’t be hard to make your puppy get out the food, neither did it make your dog frustrated.

Get Rid of Fatness Problem
If your dogs eat too fast, they may likely eat too much and will become fat as a result. Our slow feeder bowl, will slow down eating and control the eating volume and as a result, will help your dog keep fit.


Contribute to Digestion
As we all know, it needs time for our dogs to digest the food. This dog bowl controls the speed of the dog’s eating, so it helps digestion.


Avoid Choking and Vomiting
Dogs may be choking or vomit if eats too quickly, which will harm for dog’s health. Our dog bowl helps slow down the eating speed, so it will help your dog avoid choking and vomiting.


Easy to Clean
Our dog bowl is made of thick plastic which is not stuck. It’s very easy to clean. You can clean it well just by running water.


Sturdy & Durable
The slow-feeding bowl is made of high-strength ABS materials, so sturdy that it can bear weight up to 130lb and so durable that it won’t be chewed up.

Other Main Features:

Steady And Non-skid Base
The bowl with a weight of 1.43 lb is round and the diameter of the bottom is longer than the upside.
Besides, the bowl base is equipped with 4 rubbers, which are not easy to fall out compared to most competitors in the market.
So it’s more steady and non-skid and so you don’t need to worry the bowl will move around while your pets eating.

Convenient To Pick Up
With 2 ergonomic grooves designed on both sides of the bowl, you can pick up and move the bowls conveniently.
You can’t almost find other bowls with features like this on amazon markets.

Won’t Be Flipped Over By your Pets
With the special design of the downside bigger than the upside, the bowls won’t be flipped over even if your pets step on side of the bowl.
You can’t almost find another bowl with features like this on amazon markets.

Food Won’t Be Spilled Out
As it can’t be flipped over, the food in the bowl won’t be spilled while your pets eat.

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